ICONIC Gold Coast bakery Goldsteins, is celebrating its 70th birthday this month.

It’s a milestone any business would be proud of, but is especially meaningful for the Goldsteins, who have kept the business in the family for its entire seven decades of operation. Brothers Joshua and Martin Goldstein, are the third generation of Goldstein bakers, following in the floury footsteps of their father Frank and his older brother John, who in turn took over the business from their parents Julius and Paula.

Julius and Paula Goldstein arrived in Australia from Europe in 1939 and settled in Brisbane where they opened their first bakery called The Busy Bee.
Julius was already a skilled baker, having training as a Konditor (confectioner or pastry chef) in the early 1900s. His dedication was such that during his apprenticeship Julius would sleep on barrels of dough: when the dough had risen enough it would tip him off the barrel and he would start preparing it for baking. When they opened The Busy Bee in Brisbane, their European style of baking was an immediate hit with intrigued locals. Although the cheesecake, new to Australian tastebuds, was an oddity that some customers couldn’t fathom, questioning whether the cake had turned off due to its sour taste.

In the years that followed, Julius and Paula set up shop in Surfers Paradise, right across from the beach. Their son’s John and Frank went on to open 15 stores across the Gold Coast, all of which share the same dedication to freshly baked produce and time honoured methods that Julius and Paula established all those years ago. Goldsteins Bakery is still owned by Frank Goldstein today with his two sons now alongside him at the helm. “My parents would be very proud of the Goldsteins Bakery journey if they were still alive today,” Frank said. “They always very passionate about the quality of the ingredients and product on offer in their original bakery, and I know they would be very proud of us and the product that our 150 staff members bake fresh and serve on a daily basis,” he said.

“It’s very special to me to have a business that has been in the family for 70 years. And although a lot of things have changed during that time, there are a lot of things that have remained.” Frank’s son’s Joshua and Martin are heavily involved with the day-to-day management and operations of the iconic Goldsteins brand. “Dad still phones all 15 stores every Saturday morning to see how the displays are looking and how the team are going. It’s a Goldsteins tradition,” Joshua says.“My grandparents, my father and my uncle were committed to using quality ingredients, and we still maintain that. They taught us that if you use inferior ingredients, you will create an inferior product so we maintain that high quality standard of produce.

“Customers have always been our number one priority, from the day my grandparents opened and we maintain that today. Reaching our 70th birthday just wouldn’t be possible without our customers and we are so grateful to them for supporting us through the years.” Joshua says that while the bakery continues to evolve and respond to customer’s needs, introducing new items such as vegetarian, gluten free and health conscious offerings, the mainstays of the bakery are still the most popular. “Meat pies are still our biggest seller,” Joshua says. “And the good old apple pie is still a favourite. We do have plenty of other choices such as wraps and vegetable stacks, and the bakeries are much more café style now with top quality coffee options, but essentially we are still doing the same things we have been doing for 70 years.”

Goldsteins Bakery has won numerous awards and are recognised as one of the best pie makers in Australia. It’s an honour the family takes great pride in. “Our grandparents came from Europe to establish this business and now we are known as some of the best pie makers in the country – and you can’t get more Aussie than a pie,” Joshua says. “We are proud of our business and pleased to be part of a fantastic community of bakers here on the Gold Coast, many of which have been in business for many decades. The Gold Coast really does have some of the best bakeries in Australia.”

As part of their 70th birthday celebrations, Goldstein Bakery will, of course, be baking a cake. But this won’t be just any cake – it will be a super special cake, befitting seven decades of baking on the Gold Coast.

For more information please visit www.goldsteins.com.au